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Sub-Saharan Africa Democratic Initiative
Democracy for inclusive development
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Empowering People is the Ultimate Guide to Democracy
For a pro-people democracy

Who we are

We are a non-profit, non-government organization that works independently in partnership to advocate for democratic & inclusive policies, initiate & strengthen democratic processes and values to foster an inclusive and sustainable development.

Our Mission
To work with local and international partners to initiate, promote and strengthen democratic processes and inclusive policies, transparency and accountability in governments, civil society and political parties, rule of law, human rights, free and fair electoral processes and citizen participation.
Our Vision
A Sub-Saharan Africa where Democracy and human rights prevail with integrity.
Our Impact
We have initiated, promoted and strengthened democratic governance, citizen participation, electoral process reforms, advocacy for human rights and rule of law, youth and women inclusive and capacity development and more.

What we do

Research and Advocacy

SSADI Carries out scientific research in sensitive and proactive public and governance areas which forms a basis of our advocacy initiatives.

Youth political trainings

Youth are also supported to actively engage in politics by offering free political consultations and resource mobilization.

Women Empowerment.

SSADI empowers Women through focused group discussions and public dialogues in order to strengthen their political will and engagement.

Annual Dialogues

SSADI coordinates and organizes annual dialogues in different countries to initiate and promote democratic processes which are core in advocacy for inclusive and sustainable development.

What we belive in

Rule of Law

Equal enforcement of Law with respect to human rights.

Civic Participation

Exercise of civic rights and responsibilities freely, actively and respectfully.


All people are treated justly and in accordance with their diverse conditions.


Free, open, and peaceful competition of ideas is universally embraced

Our Values

Leaders are responsive to the public interest and people are able to hold their leaders responsible for their conduct through institutionalized checks and balances including regular, inclusive elections that are competitive and credibly reflect popular will;
Transparency is a key element of a democratic system, as it promotes openness and accountability in government and ensures fair and just decision-making for all citizens.
Inclusion is essential for a healthy democracy, as it ensures that all voices are heard and all individuals have equal access to the political process and decision-making.
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