Our teams

In our efforts to improve advocacy for democracy, respect for human rights and inclusive development,  these are our teams making it happen.

Research Team

The Research Team is responsible for all technical and analytical work, from design through analysis. Team members are multidisciplinary experts who share a passion for data, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to positive social impact.


Data Team

The Data Team is responsible for all data collection operations. Our full-time Data Team members have expertise in project management and field work coordination, complemented by a solid understanding of the country context. Our team includes both quantitative and qualitative data specialists.


Data Quality Team

The Data Quality Team designs and implements tools and processes to monitor and improve the quality of our work, including automating processes to ensure top data quality. Team members come from a range of different academic backgrounds, and share excellent analytical and operational skills, and a keen eye for detail.


Finance and People Team

The Finance and People team keeps SSADI on track, leading all financial operations for the company including office registration, annual audits, tax compliance, and procurement. The People team leads SSADI’s recruitment and career development policy, including overseeing SSADI’s commitment to learning and supporting team members to develop and follow their chosen career paths.

Program Team

The Program Team is responsible for the day to day management of our research projects. Program Team members are multidisciplinary experts in project management, data collection, field logistics and the implementation of research projects.

Political Scientists and Economists Team.

The political scientists and Economists Team provides cross-project support on the technical aspects of research projects, from research design to power calculations to econometric analysis techniques. This team also leads several innovations initiatives which focus on developing tools to help researchers carry out more efficient, impactful work.

Field Team

Field Team members are hired on a project basis and include enumerators, field coordinators, field supervisors, data auditors, moderators, and translators. Candidates for the field team must have a Bachelor’s degree, be fluent in the local language and conversant in English. Candidates should also have the ability to work effectively in rural and remote areas, often for extended periods.

Business Development and Communications Team

The Business Development and Communications Team leads the development of proposals and partnerships at SSADI, as well as all internal and external communications. The team brings experience in science communications, public policy, and international development.

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