Our Programs

While all programs offered by SSADI are designed to help empower people to attain democracy and ensure inclusive development, these are the core programs.

Research and Advocacy

SSADI Carries out scientific research in sensitive and proactive public and governance areas which forms a basis of our advocacy initiatives. We partner with research institutes, universities and government agencies in order to establish a realistic, achievable and impactful policy implications.

Youth Political Trainings

SSADI engages and coordinates youth political trainings in workshops in different countries. Youth are also supported to actively engage in politics by offering free political consultations and resource mobilization.

Women Empowerment

SSADI believes that women centric to inclusive development and democratization processes. Women are empowered through focused group discussions and public dialogues in order to strengthen their political will and engagement. They are further supported in different mechanisms to create an equal and healthy political competition with men.


SSADI coordinates and organizes annual dialogues in different countries to initiate and promote democratic processes which are foundations of advocacy for inclusive and sustainable development.

Student Forums

SSADI believes in nurturing a generation that is democratic with respect of human rights. With this background, it is establishing university students' forum in sub-saharan universities to establish developmental democracy through various political socialization strategies.

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